As many as thirteen Ukrainian soldiers, who were asked to surrender by a Russian warship, were killed after they refused. They instead asked the Russian ship to “go f*** yourself”.

NDTV reported that an audio clip of the incident has surfaced on social media during the Russian invasion, and has been carried by many publications. It carries a warning from a Russian warship to Ukrainian soldiers defending Snake Island in the Black Sea. After their refusal, the warship opens fire in which all 13 were killed.

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According to reports in Ukrainian media, Snake Island is strategically located on the southeast border of Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia on Thursday. It was approached by two naval vessels.

“This is a Russian warship, I repeat. I suggest you surrender your weapons and capitulate otherwise I will open fire. Do you copy?” the Russian ship said.

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In response, one of the Ukrainian guards is heard saying, “This is it.” He then appears to ask fellow guard, “Should I tell him to go f*** himself?”

The other guard tells him, “Just in case.” The Ukrainian soldier then bluntly responds, “Russian warship, go f*** yourself.”

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Another short video from the incident, which is doing the rounds on social media, shows two soldiers on the same Snake Island live-streaming it. These soldiers are outdoors and wearing military helmets.

Soon a gunshot is heard, and one of the soldiers is heard yelling. The video ends abruptly.

All the guards on Snake Island were killed by the Russian ship. In Ukraine, it is called Zmiinyi Island.

The Internet was moved by Ukrainian soldiers’ defiance. “last words for some incredibly brave ukrainians,” a Twitter user said while reacting to the audio clip. “Legends never die,” said another.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned the courage shown by these soldiers in his address at the end of the first day of Russia’s attack.