Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to hold Russians “accountable” for the atrocities that they have committed throughout war-ravaged Ukraine. 

Up till now, the investigations of war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine have mainly focused on the suburbs situated near Kyiv, such as Makariv, Bucha and Borodyanka.

Now, Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Office has said that it has decided to start looking into incidents of war crimes in the district of Brovary.

Investigators have said that over 1,200 corpses have been found in the wider region of the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. Moreover, about 500 suspects have been identified since the invasion began on February 24, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and his key officials.

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In totality, 6,036 potential war crimes have been reported in Ukraine so far.

“Almost every day new mass graves are found. Evidence is being gathered,” Zelensky told Lithuania’s Parliament on Tuesday.

“Thousands and thousands of victims. Hundreds of cases of brutal torture. Human corpses are still found in manholes and basements. Tied up, mutilated bodies,” he said.

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“Hundreds of children are orphans. That is, at least hundreds of children, because we do not know the exact number of victims yet,” Zelensky added. 

Speaking about the incident of a Russian soldier who was arrested after he filmed himself raping an infant in Bucha, Zelensky said- “Hundreds of cases of rape have been recorded, including underage girls, very young children… And even a baby! It’s just scary to talk about it now.”

From rapes to killing sprees, Russia has unleashed its aggression on Ukraine in malevolent ways. Recently, Ukrainian officials from the Kherson region reported that a 16-year-old girl and her 78-year-old grandmother were brutally raped by Russian troops.