US President Joe Biden on
Saturday announced Jewish American Heritage Month in honour of Jewish
Americans. The President took to Twitter to make the announcement.

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“During Jewish American
Heritage Month, we honor centuries of Jewish Americans who—shaped by their own
encounters with prejudice, persecution, and the promise of a better
tomorrow—have emboldened our nation to stand up for justice, equality, and
freedom,” said Biden.

The history of Jewish Americans
is almost 400 years old. In 1954, a small ship carrying 23 Jewish refugees
reached the port of present-day New York City. These men and women were victims
of oppression and discrimination. Nevertheless, they became the first Jewish to
settle on American soil.

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During Jewish American
Heritage Month, the US will honour these 23 refugees and the centuries of
successive generations of Jewish Americans.

The story of America was
written, in part, by Jewish Americans who, through their words and actions,
embraced the opportunity and responsibility of citizenship knowing full well
that democracy is not born, nor sustained, by accident. Throughout America’s
history, Jewish Americans have served the US with distinction.

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They have made enormous
contributions to America’s cultural, scientific, artistic, and intellectual
life, and they have marched, petitioned, and boarded buses to demand civil and
political rights for all — from women’s rights to voting rights to workers’

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“Today, we continue to
strive to live up to our founding ideals. 
As the scourge of white supremacy and antisemitic violence rises, my
Administration remains committed to ensuring that hate has no safe harbour.  That is why we have created new laws that
give us more tools to combat hate crimes; developed the first-ever National
Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism; provided assistance to religious
organizations, places of worship, and nonprofits to protect their facilities
and members; and named a new Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat
Antisemitism,” said Biden in a press release.

“My Administration will
use the full force of our judicial system to confront bigotry and antisemitism
wherever and whenever it surfaces,” added Biden.