George P. Bush is the last man standing in the Bush dynasty in American politics and he has put it all at stake. The Republican runoff primaries in Texas will determine the fate of the political dynasty. The elections are scheduled for May 24, 2022.

George P. Bush, the grandchild of former US President George H. W. Bush, will be contesting the runoff elections in a bid to retain his position of Texas’ land commissioner. Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, will be his challenger and will attempt to gain more political clout.

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The electoral race has taken an ugly turn, with both calling each other unfit for office. However, Paxton has something that Bush does not: The endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

Bush, whose father was Flordia’s former governor, forced a runoff against Paxton during a crowded four-way primary in March that put at the forefront an ongoing FBI investigation into the two-term incumbent over accusations of corruption.

Paxton, meanwhile, is also still awaiting trial on securities fraud charges after being indicted in 2015, Associated Press reported.  

Has the Bush family lost its influence in Texas?

Texas, known to be a traditionally red state, has now become a key battlefield amongst the Republicans. Pierce Bush, a cousin of George P. Bush, became the first person with that surname to lose an election in Texas in roughly 40 years. He contested the elections two years ago.

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What about the Democrats?

The Texas runoffs have become one of the most closely watched electoral races this season for a reason. The Democrats who are contesting in the polls also give the voters a lot to think about.

United States Representatives Henry Cuellar, one of the last anti-abortion Democrats in Congress, is in the fight of his political career against Jessica Cisneros, who supports abortion rights. With Roe v Wade being one of the biggest electoral talking points this year, the congressional seat from Texas becomes crucial for the Democrats.