Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has made it to the cover page of TIME magazine’s most recent edition, being named the Person Of The Year. Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. The title was given to him to honour his spirit, as he chose to stay back in Kyiv, rallying for his country during the war. 

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Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said this year’s decision was “the most clear-cut in memory”.

“His information offensive shifted the geopolitical weather system, setting off a wave of action that swept the globe,” said Felsenthal as he announced the winner. 

“Whether the battle for Ukraine fills one with hope or with fear, Volodymyr Zelensky galvanized the world in a way we haven’t seen in decades,” he added. 

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Zelensky is not the only winner this year, but shares the title with “the spirit of Ukraine”. Felsenthal said that this title is for the “countless individuals inside and outside the country”, who fight every day in a war waged against their nation, like doctors, surgeons and chefs. This title is to honor their relentless spirit. 

However, the Internet did not have a similar reaction. While praises are being showered for Zelensky, many have been critiquing him, some even lashing out at him, calling him undeserving of the title. 

Illia Ponomarenko, a defence reporter with Kyiv Independent, tweeted out his response to the whole saga. “I’d better suggest a Ukrainian soldier as the real person of the year 2022,” he wrote, asking TIME to recognize soldiers who fought at the forefront. 

Users are following up a slew of replies, some questioning the credibility of TIME Magazine. 

“Very creditable source @TIME, they are the ones who built Vlad,” says a user who goes by Egaork. 

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End Of Wokeness, a Twitter account who claims to be fighting against wokeness, and had a massive following of 300,000 followers, tweeted on the situation, taking a jibe at Zelensky by listing Zelensky’s controversial takes. 

The tweet even listed ‘attacked Elon Musk on Twitter’ amongst all other controversies the Ukrainian leader has been in.