A Netflix documentary, ‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey’, threw light on the secretive polygamous sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) and its president, a self-professed prophet, Warren Jeffs.

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A raid at the Yearning for Zion Ranch (YZR) in West Texas, in 2008, uncovered evidence of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse to more than 400 children who were taken into custody. The president, Jeffs, was arrested on charges of child sexual assault.

The pedophile, who ran an extremist Mormon cult, has been accused of secually assulting multiple underage girls. The 66-year-old had more than 70 wives, 24 of whom were underage, and 60 children, as per CNN. 

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After being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for two months, Jeffs was arrested in August 2006. A year later he received 10 years to life in prison. However, the conviction was overturned by the Utah Supreme Court in 2010 due to flawed jury instructions.

Warren Jeffs was then extradited to Texas on several sexual assault charges. He  was sentenced to life in prison in 2011. 

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Where are his children now?

Some of Warren Jeffs’ children have come forward. Talking to CNN in 2016, Roy Jeffs, explained why he left his father’s church.

“I left on my own. When I first came out, it was nice to feel that way. … I remember standing there, just staring at myself in the mirror, just in shock forever, just sitting there like, ‘Oh my God, I can choose.’ But at the same time … because I was so used to being told ‘You can do this, you can’t do this’ … I wanted somebody to tell me what to do,” he said. 

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Roy further revealed that he had to live under the ‘strict rule of his father’. At the time of the interview with CNN, he was living in an apartment 250 miles west of Salt Lake City with his brother-in-law.

His sister Becky Jeffsm, who also appeared on CNN, alleged that they were both sexually abused.. 

“I thought, I’m not the only one molested, he’s done it to her it must be something that was in his nature,” Becky said.