A video of fishermen confronted by sharks has gone viral. The two men were fishing off a coast in Australia when they saw dozens of sharks approaching the beach to feast on their haul. 

The viral video, posted on Facebook by Philomena Nona, was shot at Murray Island in the Torres Strait. In the video, the fishermen can be seen throwing their nets into the shallow water and few moments later, the swirling predators approach. 

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Here’s the video of hungry sharks approaching the coast:

The video has got more than one million views and thousands of likes and shares. The sharks seen in the video are the harmless Tawny Nurse sharks. 

 They are an active-swimming predators that uses a powerful suction force to extract prey from inside holes and crevices.  

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They are a type of carpet shark that are found across Australia’s Top End and throughout Torres Strait Islands. They grow to a size of three metres and are known for being relaxed and calm with scuba divers.