As search and rescue teams tirelessly seek the missing submersible Titan, it has been confirmed by Buckingham Palace that one of the passengers, Shahzada Dawood, has a connection to King Charles. The race against time intensifies as the world anxiously awaits news of their fate.

Shahzada Dawood, a Pakistani businessman and vice-chairman of Engro, has collaborated with King Charles on two charitable endeavors. He is a member of “Prince’s Trust International” and part of the “Founder’s Circle of The British Asian Trust.”

His long-standing support for The Prince’s Trust International and The British Asian Trust demonstrates his commitment to philanthropy.

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King Charles has expressed his deep concern over the incident and requested regular updates on the search. Given their previous collaborations on charitable initiatives, the King maintains a personal interest in individuals contributing to the success of his Trusts. He extends his thoughts and prayers to the Dawood family and all those involved in the rescue operation.

A multinational search operation, involving the United States and Canadian Coast Guards, the Navy and Canadian Armed Forces, the US Transportation Command, and deep-sea firms, is underway to locate the missing submersible. With limited oxygen supply remaining, time is of the essence.

Search crews are employing advanced techniques such as aircraft surveillance, radar, and deploying buoys to listen for signals in the challenging Atlantic waters.

The vast search area spanning 20,000 square kilometers and the extreme depth of the ocean floor pose significant challenges to the rescue mission. Authorities acknowledge the complexity of the operation and the slim chances of a successful recovery. Experts have cautioned that the men may be trapped without access to breathing equipment, raising concerns about their survival.

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The family of Shahzada Dawood, along with his 19-year-old son, awaits news with a heavy heart. They remain hopeful and pray for their safe return, relying on the support of their loved ones and their faith in Allah.

As the search continues, the world watches and hopes for a miraculous outcome, hoping to find the missing men and bring them back to their families.