St. Stephen’s Day also known as Boxing Day, or the Feast of Saint Stephen is celebrated on December 26th of every year which is the next day of Christmas.

St. Stephen Day is celebrated to honor the life of a Christian deacon in Jerusalem, St. Stephen on December 26. St. Stephen was known for charity and for the service he provided to needy people. He was the first martyr of Christianity and was stoned to death in AD 36.

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St. Stephen’s Day is majorly celebrated in the United Kingdom and in other Commonwealth countries in the name of Boxing Day. Apart from this, St. Stephen’s Day is also called Wren Day in Ireland and Constitution Day in Hungary.

St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr was full of wisdom. His Greek name Stephen means martyr or witness. Hir martyrdom is natural as well as supernatural because, in his holy life, he was completely conformed to Jesus. It can be understood by his forgiving nature. He had a forgiving approach even toward the ones who were taking his life.

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Stephen’s mention in the Bible says that he was, “full of grace and power, did great wonders and signs among the people.”

When Stephen was being stoned, his last words were “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. Lord, do not hold this sin against them.”

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St. Stephen’s Day is the feast day of St. Stephen. The feast’s name Boxing Day has been derived from the old practice of distributing gifts to the poor people especially the servants of the households.

Now, this holiday is often seen as a shopping spree as there are many sales and discounts on this occasion. Many sports events are also organized for the celebration. So, St. Stephen’s Day or Boxing Day is mostly celebrated by the English people by distributing gifts to the poor, going shopping, and attending sporting activities, parades, and fireworks.