Ahmet Kaya, a Kurdish cultural centre, was the site of a shooting incident on Friday that killed two people and injured several. 

Ahmet Kaya is located on rue d’Enghien in the 10th district of Paris, the capital city of France. As per information available on Google, the exact address of the place is 16 Rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris, France. 

A police source told AFP that the shooter has been arrested and there is no danger.

“The shooter has been arrested with his weapon. The danger is over. His motives remain unknown at this stage,” the source said.

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The AFP reported that a gunman open fired outside the center on Friday. The man is reportedly in his late 60s and has been taken into custody by the police. 

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A store owner in the area told AFP that she heard seven or eight shots fired in the 10th arrondissement’s street d’Enghien. She added: “There was utter terror. We kept our doors closed.”

A heavy police presence was spotted in the area and reports said that the neighborhood has been sealed from the public. Several medical emergency staff and ambulances were also spotted at the scene, based on videos shared on social media. 

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Reports say that between four to six people have been injured in the incident. One of the injured is in critical condition and has been admitted to a local hospital for treatment. 

A local resident, Emmanuel Boujenan told AFP that the gunman was arrested at a local hair salon.

“There were people panicking, shouting to the police and pointing to the salon ‘he’s in there, he’s in there, go in’,” Boujenan said.