A man has been charged with murder after a body was found inside a burnt-out vehicle in Western Australia. Later, the suspect was discovered on a boat, naked, and acting strangely.

The man has been identified as Benjamin Jack McLaughlin.

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Who is Benjamin Jack McLaughlin?

Benjamin Jack McLaughlin is 19 years old. He was arrested on Tuesday, September 26, after being found naked and acting strangely on a boat that was drifting out to sea in Cervantes. A red SUV that had been driven off the jetty was found nearby submerged in the water.

On Indian Ocean Drive in Nambung, investigators had earlier recovered a body inside a burned-out Mitsubishi Pajero. Casting away ships, attacking a public officer, assaulting a person aiding a public officer, and hindering public officials were among the charges brought against the 19-year-old defendant. On September 28, he appeared in court and was given bail.

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McLaughlin is currently facing formal charges from the police for murder, severe criminal damage caused by fire, and auto theft. Authorities claim that in the early hours of September 26, McLaughlin crashed his Mitsubishi Pajero on Indian Ocean Drive in Cervantes.

A 38-year-old man in a red SUV came across McLaughlin and stopped along Indian Ocean Drive. Police will also claim that an altercation between McLaughlin and the 38-year-old guy led to his demise. The red SUV that was discovered in Cervantes floating in the water was the 38-year-old man’s vehicle.

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The 19-year-old was first accused of throwing away ships, attacking a public official, attacking a person who was assisting a public official, and impeding public officials. On September 28, after he appeared in court, bail was granted.

Subsequently, McLaughlin has been charged with additional offenses including murder, aggravated criminal damage by fire, and stealing a motor vehicle. Police allege that McLaughlin crashed his Mitsubishi Pajero on Indian Ocean Drive in Cervantes in the early hours of September 26.