Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop has revealed emails where he told his former friend and business partner, Devon Archer, that Chinese mogul Che Feng loved him for his “last name” and an array of “very handsome Aryan godlike men” he took with him everywhere.

According to New York Post, the email is from 2011. Hunter and Archer had secured a multimillion-dollar deal with the help of Feng at the time. “Your question- ‘why does Super Chair love me so much?’ is easily answered. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my last name,” the Hunter wrote to Archer in a Sept. 22, 2011, adding, “(and I bring along very handsome Aryan godlike men wherever I go).”

The email chain further revealed that Bulger’s co-founder Michael Lin sent Hunter the terms of the joint venture fund. “Gents, Rock just sent me the translation of the cooperation term sheet (below and attached) about which Jonathan is now talking to SS in HK,” the Lin email read.

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“Jonathan will use this (with blanks filled after confirmation with SS) to discuss with us in DC,” added Lin. He also mentioned Feng in the following mails.

“Good news from Jonathan after his meeting with Super Chairman in [Hong Kong]…We three’s ownership of the fund management co. 20% while Jonathan’s 10%.  (Still very very good for you two and me!),” he wrote. “Super Chairman went: ‘I’m not being greedy even though I commit US$100 million. Actually I’m planning to give part of the remaining 70% to other Chinese big firms which I’m going to invite to join us, companies like China Investment Corp. or that kind of high power companies.’”

An excited Hunter forwarded Lin’s email to Archer, saying that the deal seemed like a gold mine. “I dont believe in lottery tickets anymore, but I do believe in the super chairman,” he gushed. “I know Michael can be overly optimistic but if we were 20% owners of a CIC super chairman backed fund I think the sky’s the limit. This is smelling more and more real…I do believe in the super chairman as well and i starting to believe this is how things actually do go down on the mainland.  I read the email and will go through the term sheet on my connecting flight,”

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Who is Che Feng?

Feng, 53, was formerly business partners with Ma Jian, the one-time vice minister of State Security, in charge of China’s equivalent of the KGB. Feng helped Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, and James Bulger’s Thornton Group LLC partner with Jonathan Li’s Bohai Capital and lateral launch Bohai Harvest RST.

While testifying before the House Oversight Committee on Monday, Archer said that that President Joe Biden met with Li for coffee while vice president. He also later wrote a college recommendation letter for his daughter.

Feng is also the son-in-law of former People’s Bank of China governor Dai Xianglong. He is currently under investigation by the authorities, suspected of corruption.

Feng was born in Hefei, Anhui province. He has previously served as a soldier of the People’s Liberation Army. He arrived in Shanghai to run a small business selling clothing. In 2004, Feng ended up securing a loan worth over 200 million yuan and collaborated with Hopson Development in order to build a 34-story office building in the Lujiazui financial district of Shanghai.

By 2015, he was controlling 30 companies and was a highly recognized name in Chinese investment circles.