The notorious Colombian drug kingpin Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, often known as “Otoniel,” was given a 45-year prison sentence on Tuesday. 

This decision was made as a result of his leadership of the enormous criminal organization known as the Clan del Golfo, which was in charge of substantial drug trafficking and paramilitary operations that brought in billions of dollars.

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Who is Dairo Antonio Úsuga David?

Dairo Antonio Úsuga David is 51 years old. He was found guilty of numerous crimes and received a 45-year prison term. He was given the same punishment for participating in both a drug importation conspiracy and a marine conspiracy. These penalties will be carried out simultaneously. In addition, as part of his sentencing, he had to surrender $216 million. In January, Úsuga entered a plea of guilty to each allegation.

According to federal prosecutors, the Clan del Golfo is one of Colombia’s most violent and powerful criminal organizations and one of the largest distributors of cocaine in the world. Úsuga was a key member of this powerful drug cartel that controlled routes for cocaine trafficking to Mexico and the United States.

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The capture of Dairo Antonio Úsuga David in Colombia in October 2021 was hailed by the country’s then-president Iván Duque as a great victory akin to Pablo Escobar’s heyday. He was subsequently extradited to the United States.

Úsuga accepted his responsibility for the crimes committed at his court appearance. He apologized to the victims’ relatives, the parents of the victims, and the governments of the United States and Colombia, and he acknowledged the devastation his acts had caused.

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US Attorney General Merrick Garland in a statement said, “Otoniel led one of the largest cocaine trafficking organizations in the world, where he directed the exportation of massive amounts of cocaine to the United States and ordered the ruthless execution of Colombian law enforcement, military officials, and civilians.”