Dmitry Prigozhin, the chief of Russia’s Wagner Group, a notorious private military company, has made a startling revelation, claiming that the Russian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on the Wagner PMC camps.

published a video presenting what he alleges to be the aftermath of a Russian military rocket attack on a Wagner camp. The footage showcases the destruction caused and serves as a grim testimony to the severity of the incident.

In another significant announcement, Prigozhin made it clear that the intention behind the actions of the Wagner Group is not to stage a military coup but rather to pursue what he refers to as a “march of justice.” This statement provides insight into the group’s motives and objectives moving forward.

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Prigozhin further stated that a significant number of their comrades were killed in this devastating assault. His statement indicates the severity of the incident and raises questions about the internal dynamics and power struggles within the Russian military apparatus.

Expressing his strong discontent with the military leadership of Russia, Prigozhin has vowed to eliminate what he perceives as the “evil” that has been brought about by these individuals. The intensity of his words reflects the deep divisions and internal conflicts within Russia’s military landscape.

The Wagner Group, known for its controversial involvement in various conflicts worldwide, has been frequently linked to the Russian government. However, Prigozhin’s claim of an attack by Russian military forces suggests a possible rift or confrontation between the Wagner Group and the established Russian Armed Forces.

The details surrounding the attack and its motives remain unclear, but the loss of Wagner forces underscores the gravity of the situation. As Prigozhin vows revenge for what he calls an “atrocity,” the conflict between these influential entities could have significant implications for Russia’s military strategy and the broader security landscape.

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The aftermath of this clash will undoubtedly shape the dynamics within Russia’s military and private military sectors. The response and actions taken by Prigozhin and the Wagner Group in seeking retribution will be closely watched, as they may have far-reaching consequences not only for those involved but also for regional and global security considerations.