The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to a stark division in global opinion. One side supports Israel’s right to self-defense while labeling Hamas as a terrorist organization, while the other views Hamas as a resistance force and advocates for a “Free Palestine.” This division has created a clear divide between those who are pro-Palestine and those who are pro-Israel. The Israel-Hamas conflict has become a prime example of “information warfare,” with both sides sharing videos and making claims, often accusing each other of committing war crimes. As a result, social media users are left in a state of confusion, struggling to discern what is true and what is not.

Who is Ibrahim?

Recently, Ibrahim, a man, purportedly from Gaza, has been accused of disseminating propaganda videos to tarnish Israel’s image. This individual, dubbed the “Hamas Crisis Actor,” is said to be a social media influencer active on TikTok. He shared a video showing a barrage of rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel. Subsequently, he posted another video in which Hamas militants were seen launching an attack on Israel on October 7. Later, he shared a video in which he appeared terrified, claiming that his apartment had been hit by Israeli missiles.

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The “Hamas Crisis Actor” has once again gained attention on social media for allegedly faking his own injury. He posted a video on TikTok in which he portrayed himself as injured and admitted to a hospital.

Social media users noticed this propaganda, and one individual created a thread to expose the “Hamas Crisis Actor.” This user revealed that the man pretended to be a victim of an Israeli airstrike, showing himself in a hospital bed while feigning critical condition with two individuals supporting him. In reality, it was revealed that this man is a Hamas musician and actor who has appeared in various videos for the terrorist group. These videos include one where he celebrates in the streets as Hamas fires rockets toward Israel, another where he appears to cry after claiming his apartment was struck by an airstrike, and yet another where he sings while brandishing a firearm and praising Hamas.

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The “crisis actor” has been featured in multiple propaganda videos for the terrorist organization, even appearing in a video running through the streets in a hysterical manner while filming the aftermath of airstrikes, despite previously posting a video in which he pretended to be critically injured in a hospital bed.