Jacob Rees-Mogg is a British politician. He was appointed to
former UK PM Boris Johnson’s Cabinet in 2022 as Minister of State for Brexit
Opportunities and Government Efficiency. From 2019 until February 2022, he was
Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council.

The Brexit Opportunities Minister is largely expected to take over
as Business Secretary and be in charge of addressing the energy situation,
after Liz Truss assumes office on September 6, 2022.  If appointed the
Tory MP is anticipated to repeal some existing net zero initiatives, as he has
already begun discussions with the oil and gas industry about lifting the
moratorium on fracking and new oil exploration.

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Who is Jacob Rees-Mogg?

Jacob Rees-Mogg was born on May 24 in Hammersmith, London to
William Rees-Mogg and Gillian Shakespeare Morris. His father was the former
editor of The Times magazine and his mother previously worked as a secretary in
William’s office. 

A brilliant student with a deep passion for History, Rees-Mogg
pursued the subject at Trinity College, Oxford and graduated in 1991. He became
the president of the Oxford University Conservative Association.  A
prolific debater and orator, he was also a member of the Oxford Union. His
college days shaped his interest in politics and laid the foundational grounds
for his illustrious political career. 

Jacob married his long time lover Helena de Chair in 2007. The
couple are blessed with six children. 

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s political

Rees-Mogg first ran for Parliament in 1997, vying for a seat in
Scotland. He was later successful in his 2010 bid for the Parliamentary
constituency of North East Somerset, where his family had lived for centuries.
Since 2010, the Tory MP has strengthened his majority in every election. He has
now converted the seat into a safer ‘blue’ seat.

Outside of Parliament, Rees-Mogg catapulted to fame after assuming
the presidency of the prominent European Research Group of Tory MPs (the ERG).

Rees-Mogg emerged to become the main Parliamentary advocate for a
“hard Brexit.” He was also suspected of playing a role in the failed
attempt to remove Theresa May as Prime Minister in December 2018.

Rees-Mogg was an ardent fan of Boris Johnson’s Conservative
leadership. He was also named the ‘Leader of the House of Commons’ in July

Critics see him as a retrograde
personality, with archaic attitudes and traditional socio-political beliefs. He
has been dubbed as the ‘Honourable Member of the Eighteenth Century’, for his
controversial political views.