Lily Ebert, an Auschwitz survivor celebrated her 99th
birthday on December 29, 1923.

Lily Ebert’s great grandson Dov Forman took to Twitter to wish Lily
on her 99th birthday. Dov wrote, “Today my great grandmother, Lily Ebert, an Auschwitz
survivor, turns 99! “I never thought I would survive Auschwitz and have another
birthday. At 99, I celebrate to show that the Nazis did not win!”

Holocaust survivor Lily received a lot of wishes on social media on
her birthday.

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The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust wished Lily on Twitter and wrote “Indefatigable Holocaust survivor Lily
Ebert BEM, pictured here with great-grandson @DovForman, is 99 today! Lily
survived Auschwitz and continues to inspire thousands with her life story. Lots
of love on your birthday, Lily, from all of us at @HMD_UK.”

A German author also Tweeted, “Happy
Birthday! As a German who is interwoven with this history, it touches me
fundamentally. We will never forget. And we will protect democracy, freedom,
and human rights. We owe it to you and to our children. “

Who is Lily Ebert?

Lily Ebert is a Holocaust survivor who was born on December 29,
1923, in Hungary.

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Lily was deported to Auschwitz in July 1944 along with her family
after the Nazi invasion in March 1944 in Hungary. Lily’s mother, her younger
brother, and a sister were sent to the gas chambers, but she survived the
invasion as she was sent to work in the camp. Lily, along with her other two
sisters worked in a munitions factory until 1945 when they were liberated by
the allied forces.

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 She along with her family moved
to Israel. There, she got married and gave birth to three children.

Lily was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2016 for her services
in Holocaust awareness and education. She was also awarded with one of Hungary’s
highest national honors, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary in
April 2022.

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A Twitter user while wishing Lily on her birthday wrote, “you are an embodiment of the triumph of
humanity. Have a lovely day and look forward to your 100th. Together we will
beat the rise of nationalism.”

Although Ebert celebrated her 99th birthday in
December 2022, people are already looking forward to her 100th