Manni Alam, an eight-year-old boy from Australia, was seen escaping a shark bite in a video that went viral on TikTok. Alam was fishing from a boat off the coast in central Queensland, Australia, with his father Rawdan Ali, when a small shark tried to bite him.

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Here is the video of Alam that went viral on TikTok

Who is Manni Alam? 

Manni Alam is an eight-year-old boy from Australia, as identified by FOX Weather. He was seen in a video that went viral on TikTok escaping a shark’s bite. Alam tries to place and examine the fish he has speared while his father Rawdan Ali records a video of it.

Just as he puts his catch on the side of the boat, a shark jumps up and tries to bite him, and his father, while recording goes “Whoooo!”

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Fox News reported that Manni Alam later joked about the incident with his father in the later videos from his TikTok account where he and Ali gutted the fish and seemed unharmed by the shark attack.

Alam confirmed that the footage is authentic when he, Ali, and his friend Moe Alsayed appeared on Today Show Australia. Sharks are “a common occurrence” while diving, according to Alam.

Types of small sharks in Australia:

There are currently over 400 different species of sharks and about 170 of them live in Australian waters. These include the whale shark, which is the largest shark in the world, the pygmy shark, which is one of the smallest, and of course the equally fascinating and dreadful great white. Tracking Shark, the YouTube channel from where the video above has been posted, says that the one in the video is a Blacktip shark.