In a tragic incident that claimed at least 68 lives, the flight crash in Pokhara has been labeled as Nepal’s worst flight crash in three decades. 

The country is home to some of the world’s tallest mountains, including Mt. Everest, and sudden changes in weather can prove hazardous for flights. 

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One of the victims identified in this crash is Myron Love, a Sydney school teacher who was among the 15 international passengers who boarded the Yeti Airlines flight on that fateful day. 

Who was Myron Love?

Love is a Sydney Local, believed to be a resident of in the east of Bronte. His condition is not known at the time of writing the report, although the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed that its embassy is “urgently seeking to confirm the welfare of the Australian” who was a passenger on the doomed flight. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese tweeted regarding “the incredibly sad news out of Nepal.” He also acknowledged the presence of Love on the flight and said that the government is seeking information about the welfare of the passenger. 

“The government is aware an Australian was on board and is urgently seeking information from Nepalese officials on the welfare of that passenger,” he tweeted. 

Love’s family refused to comment until they receive information about Love’s condition from the embassy. 

Artist and Love’s friend James Lesjak-Atton shared a tribute for his friend on his Instagram.  

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“Myron was one of the loves of my life,” he said. “A truly kind, fun energetic man. We will forever love you my man.”

One of his friends Sam Smith told Nine News that he had “never met a more genuine bloke in my life”.

The doomed flight took off on Sunday, January 15, scheduled to cover the 200km distance capital city Katmandu and Pokhara. It crashed just before landing at Pokhara International Airport, which inaugurated a couple of weeks ago.