Wagner Chief Prigozhin has died after his private jet crashed today.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the most powerful mercenary in Russia, was on board a jet that crashed on Wednesday night north of Moscow, according to Russian police. This occurred two months to the day after Prigozhin staged an unsuccessful uprising against the army’s top brass.

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The Kremlin and the Defence Ministry made no public statements regarding Prigozhin’s fate. He was the leader of the Wagner mercenary group and a self-proclaimed enemy of the army’s leadership due to what he believed to be its ineffective conduct of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

However, Wagner’s Telegram channel, Grey Zone, which is linked to him, declared him dead and praised him as a hero and a patriot who had perished at the hands of unknown people it referred to as “traitors to Russia.”

Some of his followers blamed the Russian government, while others laid the accusation at Ukraine, which was set to celebrate its Independence Day on Thursday, amid hysterical conjecture and a lack of verified data.

Others who disapproved of Russian President Vladimir Putin or his objectives also passed away mysteriously or were in danger of dying, including journalists and outspoken political figures.

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In St. Petersburg, a structure containing Wagner’s offices lit up its windows after sundown in a way that revealed a massive cross as a sign of respect and sadness. Early on Thursday, candles and flowers were placed next to the premises.

Who is Pavel Prigozhin?

Pavel Prigozhin is the son of Yevgeny Prigozhin, and Polina and Veronika Prigozhina are his two daughters.

Polina was born in 1992, Pavel was born in either 1996 or 1998, and Veronika was born in 2005.

Yevgeny’s children were allowed to travel freely within the European Union prior to the invasion of Ukraine, but their freedom of movement has now been curtailed.