According to Russia’s civil aviation authorities, the head of Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin was on the passenger list of the plane that crashed, killing everyone on board.

The 62-year-old’s private plane was reportedly shot down by air defences, according to the Wagner-affiliated Telegram channel Grey Zone.

Later on Wednesday, Grey Zone wrote that Prigozhin passed away “as a result of traitors to Russia’s actions.”

In June, Prigozhin was the leader of a failed uprising against the Russian military.

Sergei Surovikin, a senior Russian general, is said to have been fired from his position as head of the air force the same day as the crash.

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Gen. Surovikin had not been seen in public since the rebellion but was known to get along well with Prigozhin.

The aeroplane was carrying seven passengers and three crew members on a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Near the village of Kuzhenkino in the Tver region, roughly halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is reported to have come down.

According to Grey Zone, there were two fringe and two vapour trails heard by nearby residents prior to the collision.

According to the Tass news agency, Prigozhin’s Embraer Legacy caught fire as soon as it touched down.

Less than 30 minutes had passed since the plane took to the air, it continued.

Who is Polina Prigozhina?

Polina Prigozhina is the daughter of Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Polina, his first child, was born in 1992 and is currently around 31 years old.

The current legal owner of Concord Management and Consulting LLC since 2011, Etalon LLC (Russian: “талoн”) since 2010, and Credo LLC is Prigozhin’s mother, Violetta Prigozhina, a former doctor and educator.

Due to Prigozhin’s participation in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union, the United States, Ukraine, and many other nations have imposed sanctions on the aforementioned family members.

Lyubov Valentinovna Prigozhina, Yevgeny Prigozhin’s wife, is a chemist who runs a chain of speciality shops in Saint Petersburg called the Chocolate Museum.

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She opened the Crystal Spa & Lounge on Saint Petersburg’s Zhukovsky Street in 2012, and it took third place for the Perfect Urban Day Spa in 2013. She is the proprietor of a spa in the Leningrad region as well as the Crystal Spa & Residence, a boutique hotel that received the Perfect Spa Project award in 2013. In Lakhta Park, Sestroretsk, Kurortny District, Saint Petersburg, she is the owner of the New Technologies SPA LLC, which is situated at plot 1, Granichnaya Street. She also owns Agat, a company that belongs to the Concord group (Russian: aт).