A shocking video has surfaced in which Sarah Jama disputed the occurrence of the rape of Israeli women on October 7th. She alleges that the “Zionist lobby” is exerting influence to coerce the entire government apparatus into endorsing what she terms as “misinformation.”

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Who is Sarah Jama?

Sarah Jama is a Canadian politician and disability rights activist. She has been the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Hamilton Centre since March 2023. Originally affiliated with the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP), Jama was expelled from the NDP caucus on October 23, 2023. This decision was based on her failure to adhere to an agreement with party leader Marit Stiles, involving unilateral actions and statements related to the 2023 Israel-Hamas war. Despite her expulsion, Jama continues to serve in the legislature as an independent MPP.

Before her political role, Jama co-founded and served as the executive director of Disability Justice Network Ontario. Born with cerebral palsy and using a wheelchair for mobility, she settled in Hamilton, Ontario, after graduating from McMaster University with a social science degree. Jama, of Somali descent, gained recognition for her activism, earning a spot among Hamilton’s “most interesting people” by the CBC in 2016.

Jama has a history of advocacy, co-founding the Disability Justice Network Ontario in 2018. She previously worked as the Ontario director for the National Educational Association of Disabled Students and contributed articles on disability justice issues for Rebel Youth, the magazine of the Young Communist League of Canada.

In 2021, Jama co-founded the Hamilton Encampment Support Network, focusing on affordable housing access. Her activism gained attention when she was arrested at a protest against homeless encampment evictions, facing charges that were later withdrawn after entering a peace bond.

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Despite controversy during her political campaign, including statements about Israel as an apartheid state, Jama was acclaimed as the NDP candidate for the Hamilton Centre by-election in 2022. She won the election in March 2023 but faced criticism for her remarks on the Israel-Hamas conflict in October 2023. This led to her censure by the legislature and subsequent removal from the NDP caucus due to alleged unilateral actions and a breach of agreement with party leadership.