In a recent and contentious statement, millionaire property developer Tim Gurner, the CEO of Gurner Group, sent shockwaves through the Australian workforce. Gurner made headlines for his views on the employment landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This article delves into Tim Gurner’s background, net worth, controversies, and his prominent role in the Gurner Group.

Who is Tim Gurner?

Tim Gurner is an Australian entrepreneur who serves as the Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Gurner Group. Prior to founding Gurner, he worked as an Executive Director and Co-Founder at Urban Inc. Gurner’s career trajectory showcases his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the property development industry.

Net Worth and Age

As of 2022, Tim Gurner is 41 years old and boasts an impressive net worth of $929 million, according to The Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Rich List.

Controversies Surrounding Gurner

Tim Gurner is no stranger to controversy, having sparked heated debates in 2017 with his remarks about millennials and their spending habits.

He suggested that young people should curb their discretionary spending, particularly on items like expensive brunches featuring “smashed avocado on toast,” if they aspire to enter the property market. These comments ignited a strong response from millennials who believed that Gurner was out of touch with the economic challenges they faced.

Furthermore, Gurner faced allegations that his success was due to financial assistance from his grandfather, who reportedly lent him $34,000 for his initial investment. Gurner refuted these claims, emphasizing that he worked tirelessly and saved diligently to enter the property market. His journey began with renovating a property his boss purchased for $180,000, and he used the profits from its sale to propel his real estate career.

Gurner Group

The Gurner Group, founded by Tim Gurner in 2013, is a significant player in the property development and management industry. The company boasts a substantial portfolio valued at $9.5 billion. Under Gurner’s leadership, the group has undertaken various high-profile projects, cementing its reputation as a key player in the Australian real estate landscape.

Recent “Unemployment” statement

Tim Gurner recently made headlines with his outspoken views on the state of the workforce in the post-COVID-19 era. During an appearance at the Australian Financial Review’s Property Summit, he argued that the pandemic had led to a shift in workers’ attitudes toward their jobs.

Gurner emphasized the need for employees to remember that they work for their employers and not the other way around. He went as far as to suggest that the unemployment rate needed to rise by 40 to 50 percent, creating controversy and sparking discussions about the balance between employee rights and employer expectations.

In particular, Gurner criticized the productivity of certain workers, including tradespeople, claiming that the pandemic had led to decreased productivity levels. He noted a common sentiment among workers that they were indispensable to their employers, a mindset he believed needed to change.

While Tim Gurner’s recent comments have stirred debate and even outrage, they underscore his continued influence and impact on discussions surrounding employment and economic dynamics in Australia.