Toco, a Japanese man, has become an internet sensation after fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a dog. In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Toco shared his first public walk donning a hyper-realistic rough collie costume. The five-minute footage captured him interacting with people and other dogs during an interview with German TV station RTL.

Who is Toco?

Toco rose to global fame last year when he commissioned a model and sculpture company to create the elaborate canine costume, which cost around $15,700 (2 million yen). Since then, he has chronicled his journey on his YouTube channel, attracting over 31,000 subscribers.

Most of his videos showcase him behaving like a four-legged furball, rolling on the floor, eating from a bowl, and going for walks, among other dog-like activities.

Despite his rising popularity, Toco remains anonymous, choosing not to reveal his true identity to coworkers and friends due to fears of potential judgment. However, his unique journey has garnered significant attention and sparked diverse reactions from viewers. While many admire his dedication to living his dream, others find his transformation into a dog bizarre and unusual.

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As Toco continues his journey as a human-dog, he remains an enigmatic figure in the online world, captivating audiences. With each video, he opens a window into a world that challenges societal norms, encouraging others to be true to themselves and embrace their own dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be.