Burak Can Tas, a 23-year-old Turkish Influencer, died after a horrific motorbike accident just weeks before getting married to his fiancee.

The blogger was rushed to hospital after his bike crashed in Adana, Turkey which caused him to sustained multiple injuries. He later succumbed to the injuries and died at the hospital.

Before his untimely death, he was preparing to get married to a fellow biking enthusiast Yaren Karra. On July 3, the couple announced that they were engaged and revealed they were just weeks away from walking down the aisle.  

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Who was Burak Can Tas?

The late social media star shared his love of biking with his 135,000 followers online and regularly posted videos of himself driving.

He had previously revealed how meeting Karra changed his life. In a touching post to his fiancee, he wrote: “The year 2022 orchestrated its last surprise, leading me to you. Until now, I didn’t understand the concept of love or being loved. That, I learned from you, my love. I’m thankful for the continual nourishment of my inner goodness and for never letting go of my hands. I am prepared to journey with you until life’s end.”

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Karra shared a heartbreaking post on Instagram showing the two cuddling before his death. “I am thankful for every day that I spend with you, my love. My one and only whom I will miss so much. May God host you in the most beautiful corner of Jannah. I love you so so so much my life partner,” she wrote in the caption.

Late last week, he was buried in Buruk Cemetery. Police are continuing their investigation into the tragedy.