Dave Courtney has died at his house in Chestnut Rise, Plumstead, London. His death has been confirmed from his Twitter account.

Who was Dave Courtney?

David John Courtney, born on February 17, 1959, rose from a life of crime in London to become a renowned author and celebrity. Through his books and appearances, Courtney shared gripping accounts of his past experiences, including surviving gunshot wounds and involvement in the criminal underworld.

Cause of Death

Amidst recent speculations, a Facebook post by Manny Clark alleged that Dave Courtney had taken his own life through a self-inflicted gunshot.


At the time of his rumored passing, Courtney was 64 years old.

Net Worth

According to Idolnetworth, Dave Courtney had amassed a substantial net worth of $30 million through his literary works and involvement in gangster films.


Courtney seems to prefer keeping his relationship status private, although he has previously been married to Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, whom he met while she was employed at a nightclub he owned.

Their relationship encountered difficulties in 2004 when accusations arose that Courtney had assaulted Pinto during an argument concerning her then-partner. However, he was subsequently acquitted of all allegations.

Career and Achievements

Emerging from Bermondsey, London, Courtney delved into a variety of ventures, including writing six published books, producing his own film titled “Hell To Pay,” and featuring in numerous documentaries and films. His involvement in the criminal underworld and purported associations with notorious figures like Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean have contributed to his notorious persona.

Authorship and Acting

Courtney’s literary contributions include notable titles such as “Stop The Ride I Want to Get Off” and “F**k the Ride,” with his work transcending into the realm of acting through roles in films like “Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees” and “Killer Bitch,” solidifying his imprint on the entertainment industry.