Palestinian visual artist Heba Zagout tragically lost her life alongside her children during the Israeli assault on Gaza. Heba Zagout’s final message, posted a few days ago, read: “O Allah, we entrust You with hearts shattered by separation. O Allah, mend our broken hearts, grant us patience in the face of your judgment and fate. Be our strength, stay by our side, fortify our patience, and reward us for our enduring spirit. O Allah, unite our fragile hearts, as they depend solely on You.”

Who was Heba Zagout?

Heba Zagout was an acrylic artist born in 1984 in Gaza. In 2003, she completed her studies at the Gaza Training College, where she earned a diploma in graphic design. Her educational journey continued as she graduated in 2007 from Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, specializing in fine arts. Following her studies, she embarked on a career as a public school teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion for art with students.

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Heba Zagout’s artistic endeavors were not limited to the classroom. She actively participated in numerous indoor and outdoor exhibitions, showcasing her artistic talent to a wider audience. Her work often featured themes that resonated deeply with the Palestinian identity and existence. Her paintings were a reflection of the rich cultural heritage, adorned with depictions of Palestinian houses, minarets, domes, and churches, serving as poignant symbols of the Palestinian people’s enduring spirit and connection to their land.

In 2021, Heba Zagout achieved a significant milestone in her artistic career when she held a solo exhibition titled “My Children in Quarantine.” This exhibition allowed her to express her creative vision and connect with art enthusiasts on a more personal level. It was a testament to her dedication to her craft and her commitment to sharing the Palestinian narrative through her art.

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Heba Zagout’s art served as a powerful medium for conveying the essence of Palestinian culture and identity. Her contributions to the art world, as well as her role as an educator, left a lasting impact on those she encountered.