A young mother of three whose heart stopped when she passed out in a Turkish airport has been pronounced “clinically dead,” according to her family.

While returning from a family vacation with her husband and kids, Melissa Kinsella, often known as Missy to her loved ones, had a seizure and stopped breathing.

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With her partner and three children, Melissa Kinsella, a Wirrell resident, was vacationing in Turkey when she suddenly passed out at the airport due to a seizure that caused her heart to stop.

The 30-year-old was then taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator there. Her family was informed earlier in the week that she had swelling on her brain and heart, and an air ambulance was used to transport her home.

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For her care in the Turkish hospital, which cost £1,800 per day, and for an air ambulance to take her home, her friend set up a GoFundMe page.

Kinsella, 30, of Moreton, Merseyside, was flown back to the UK on May 24 as a result of the more than £50,000 in donations.

But now, her distraught parents claim there is nothing more that can be done. Her mother, Michelle Heathcote, posted on Facebook that “Our hearts are broken forever”.

“After 12 days of fighting for our beautiful daughter’s life, test[s] prove she is clinically dead. We have no words to express how we feel but thank everyone who helped us in any way to bring her home.”

Heathcote later said her daughter was a donor, so was in surgery to donate her organs.