Philipp Fusz has been identified as the suspect of the mass shooting in Hamburg, Germany on Thursday. The 35-year-old killed at least seven people at a Jehovah’s Witnesses Center.

Police said that Fusz was visited by officers last month after a tip-off raised concerns about his mental health. The German citizen co-operated at the time.

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Seven people, including an unborn baby, were killed in Thursday’s attack. An emergency call was made at 21:04 local time to report that shots were fired. The gunman, in a video, can be seen firing through a window. He then went in the building and fired as many as nine magazines before turning the gun on himself.

Eight people were injured, including a woman who was seven months pregnant.  Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the death toll could rise.

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Who is Philipp Fusz?

Philipp Fusz, former Jehovah’s Witness and self-styled business coach have been confirmed as the gunman behind a shooting at a Hamburg church on Thursday that left six people dead and many more injured.

German authorities have identified Philipp as the man who stormed a Kingdom’s Hall belonging to the religious group. He left the congregation 18 months previously after a fallout with other members, according to authorities.

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Fusz is a freelance consultant whose business website describes him as an expert in the finance and energy sectors. According to the website, he offers exorbitantly priced consultancy for a daily fee of €250,000, stating that “the fee incorporates the fact that my work should generate you a leverage or value added of at least €2.5 million”.

He grew up in a strictly religious household in the Alps before studying business in Munich, according to his account. Fusz used a handgun in his attack that he had owned legally since December through his membership in a local gun club.

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Police confirmed that the city gun authority received an anonymous tip-off in January warning that Mr. Fusz was mentally unstable and he harbored hatred for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.