Vanessa Mancini, a well-known influencer, died at home in Brazil from a “massive heart attack,” according to her relatives. 

Mancini, 41, and her parents were in their condominium in the northwest city of Manaus at the time of the event. She tragically gave way without warning.

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Who was Vanessa Mancini?

Vanessa Mancini was 41 years old. Before emergency services could arrive, the influencer—who had a roughly 30,000-strong Instagram following—was found in her home’s bathroom, documenting her life and travels. Emergency responders arrived quickly, but Mancini showed no symptoms of life support. Her relatives later confirmed her death inside her home on Monday morning.

According to early reports, Mancini had passed out while doing Christmas décor. But later on, it was made clear that she had suffered a heart attack and was found in her home’s bathroom, as reported by Radar Amazonico.

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Vanessa Mancini unexpectedly passed out while visiting her lavish condominium with her parents. The paramedics arrived quickly, but she didn’t respond. According to a family statement, Vanessa was 41 years old and well-known for her joy and sense of humor. During this period of grief, the family asks for your respect.”

The influencer’s grieving family and close friends attended her funeral on Tuesday when she was laid to rest at the nearby Parque de Manaus Cemetery.

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“With great regret, I mourn the passing of my dear friend Vanessa Mancini, aged 41, this Monday,” said Gladson Cameli, the governor of Acre State and a close friend of Vanessa. Vanessa, who will be sadly missed, was well-known for her infectious happiness and sense of humor. I offer my sincerest sympathies to her friends and family, who are grieving this unforgivable loss.”

Olívia Calheiros, another close friend, bemoaned, “We just saw each other and we had no idea.” Oh, how I would have embraced and kissed you, and prayed to God every day that He would leave you here with us.”