During an address uploaded on his government’s Facebook page on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky presented an update on discussions with Russia.

“We continue working on different levels to make sure that Russia is convinced that this atrocious war has to be stopped. We continue our difficult negotiations. This is challenging. Sometimes scandalous,” he said.

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Zelensky added, “I am grateful to all of the international intermediators who work with us and bring the true picture to Russia and convince them to see the reality of combat actions. And that the world is not going to stop the truth, our truth.”  

“We will fight until the end bravely and openly,” he assured.

Zelsenky has asked Pope Francis to visit Ukraine as it defends itself against Russian forces, thanking the Pope for his “clear and strong position against the war.”

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He stated, “I thank His Holiness for his clear and strong position against the war and for his prayers for Ukraine. I invited him to visit our country at this most crucial time.”

“I believe we can arrange this uppermost visit which surely will suppose each one of us, every Ukrainian,” he continued.

Zelensky also requested Italy “to strengthen sanctions against Russia and regime.”

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Zelensky stated that he has inquired “to hit all the Russians that are responsible for this war, the war against us. To hit them on their property, real estate, yacht, and banks accounts … Their habit to make money on war and then continue to live in Europe where there is peace and safety.”

“I am sure there will be new sanctions and I am grateful to Italy for support,” Zelensky added.