Bitcoin was initially introduced in 2008, and it has always had a logo. Those who are familiar with or follow Bitcoin will immediately identify the current Bitcoin logo, which is orange with a stylised B in the centre.

The Bitcoin logo, like any excellent logo, is straightforward and conveys emotion and comprehension.

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A decent logo does not even need to include a product’s brand name, such as McDonald’s, Apple, or, of course, Bitcoin. The Bitcoin logo, on the other hand, had a totally different beginning. It didn’t always look like this. In reality, it has gone through a few major design revisions.

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The initial Bitcoin logo was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged founder of Bitcoin, though the Bitcoin logo used now is considerably different from the one used when Bitcoin first became a reality in 2008.

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The original Bitcoin logo included a stylised coin with a B in the middle, but it was later discarded because legend has it, it generated misunderstanding about the new digital currency. Because actual Bitcoin coins are not available, the original design was abandoned.

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Satoshi Nakamoto revised the design in 2009, adding a stylised B and the stylization was inspired by the US dollar. To the disappointment of many cryptocurrency users, the Bitcoin logo still included a coin at this point.

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The Bitboy Bitcoin logo design initially appeared in or around 2010. Inspired by Mastercard’s design, Bitboy’s Bitcoin logo eventually dropped the coin and replaced it with a basic orange backdrop. Bitboy’s design retained the stylised B but added italics.

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The cryptocurrency community was initially split over Bitboy’s Bitcoin logo design. However, following some back and forth, Bitboy’s design eventually became the de facto Bitcoin logo design, which we all know.

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Bitboy’s Bitcoin logo’s core design features were inspired by design ideas utilised by big banks and payment sites. According to the designer, this was done to instil confidence and faith in Bitcoin.