Dolly Khanna, an ace investor, purchased 1.4 lakh equity shares in Ajanta Soya (or a 0.86% stake) on the BSE on November 22 for Rs 147.72 a share, according to bulk deals data. The stock was trading at Rs 153.15, up 9.75%.

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Ipca Laboratories purchased 10.5 lakh equity shares in Lyka Labs (or a 3.65% stake) for Rs 123 a share on the BSE, while investors Shreyans Jashwantlal Shah and Vipul Priyakant Dalal sold 3.45 lakh equity shares and 2,40,121 equity shares at the same price.

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Societe Generale sold 4,62,468 equity shares in Fino Payments Bank on the NSE for Rs 401.48 per share. The shares recovered 12% to Rs 397.

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DSP Mutual Fund purchased 5,00,001 equity shares of Thangamayil Jewellery on the NSE for Rs 1,322.1 per share, while founders Narayanan Balusamy Kumar, Das Balarama Govinda, and Balusamy Ramesh sold 1,66,667 equity shares at the same price.

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Plutus Wealth Management LLP sold 75,000 equity shares in ION Exchange on the BSE for Rs 2,220 per share. The stock had fallen by 1.5%.

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A bulk deal is one in which the total number of shares purchased or sold exceeds 0.5% of the company’s share capital. A bulk deal can be completed using either the usual trading window or the block trading window. When a major FII, mutual fund, or HNI wishes to acquire a huge block of shares in a specific stock, they frequently choose to employ sliced trades throughout the day. This guarantees that businesses take full advantage of market volatility and are able to minimize their overall acquisition costs.

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Similarly, in the event of bulk selling, the sliced strategy aids in obtaining a higher selling price. Bulk deals must be notified to the exchange by the broker who executes the trade. If a bulk deal (exceeding 0.5% of the share capital) is conducted through the block window, the trade must be notified to the exchange promptly. If the total buy or sale of a sliced order during the day exceeds 0.5% of the share capital, the bulk deal must be disclosed to the exchange within 1 hour after the closing of the trade.

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