The violence, which has resulted in the burning of buildings and vehicles as well as the looting of stores, has caused French President Emmanuel Macron to experience the worst crisis in his ability to lead since the Yellow Vest protests, which got underway in 2018.

A video showing French rioters trying to storm the Central Storm Exchange in Marseille has gone viral.

At a crisis meeting, France’s president promised to send out additional police to quell the unrest but refrained from issuing a state of emergency.

He encouraged social media platforms to remove particular information and parents to keep unruly kids at home.

Following the death of Nahel M, 17, who was murdered as he sped away from a traffic stop, France has seen three nights of turmoil.

Officials reported that more than 915 people were arrested on Thursday night alone, and the administration declared it would send out 45,000 police personnel to try to stop any further violence.

According to Marseille police, rioters broke into a gun store in the city’s center on Friday night and seized some hunting rifles but no ammunition. Marseille is the second-largest city in France. According to authorities, one person was detained with a firearm that most likely came from the shop. Police were now manning the business as security.

Authorities earlier urged restaurants to close their outdoor spaces early and forbade rallies from taking place in the city on Friday. They stated that the last bus would depart at 7 o’clock.

While the brunt of the violence has so far primarily been contained to suburbs, any indication that it is moving into the heart of France’s largest cities would be a substantial uptick.

After an impromptu protest on Friday evening, police began removing demonstrators from the famous Place de la Concorde in the heart of Paris.