A teacher was tragically killed in a stabbing at a school in northern France by a person who is thought to be an ISIS follower. Two more people were also seriously hurt in the attack.

The suspect has been identified Mohamed Mogouchkov, for reportedly stabbing a teacher Dominique Bernard, and injured two individuals.

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Who is Mohamed Mogouchkov?

Mohamed Mogouchkov is 19 years old. He is a Chechen refugee. The police claimed that Mogouchkov, the alleged attacker, and his brother, who was also detained, were already known to the authorities and had been placed on the national security watchlist.

The incident resulted in injuries to at least two people in addition to the deceased. This includes a teacher who is not in severe condition and a security agent who was stabbed numerous times. However, nobody from the school was hurt.

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The attack happened on the same day that leaders of Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization that has carried out numerous deadly attacks in Israel, called on Muslims all over the world to take part in protests on the “day of Jihad.”

Although the authorities have not confirmed whether the incident in Arras is directly related to this call for action, it is important to remember that Mogouchkov’s brother was reportedly sentenced to eighteen months in prison for spreading ISIS propaganda on the internet. Furthermore, reports suggest that Mogouchkov was recognized as an ISIS sympathizer.

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A teacher was fatally stabbed and other people were hurt with knives at the Lycee Gambetta-Carnot High School in Arras, northern France. French police and firefighters responded by swiftly erecting a tight perimeter.

The attacker, Mogouchkov, was a previous student of the school, according to Sliman Hamzi, one of the first police officers on the scene, Mogouchkov yelled “Allahu Akbar.”