Journalist Adnan Elbursh from BBC Arabic produced a moving piece about Gaza that has gained a lot of attention online. He clarified in his reporting the psychological toll that covering a conflict zone takes on reporters.

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Adnan Elbursh said, “Today has been one of the most difficult days in my career,” indicating the day’s deep impact. I’ll never be able to forget what I’ve witnessed.”

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He started his story by detailing the horrific scene at Al Shifa Hospital, where injured people were screaming for help and bodies were lying in a heap. He underlined, “You can never forget these sounds.”

Mahmood, the cameraman for Elbursh, discovered his friend Malik was one of the victims when visiting the hospital.

“Malik has made it through, but his family has not,” Elbursh narrated, adding, “My friends and neighbors are in this local hospital. This is my neighborhood.

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BBC Arabic correspondent Adnan El-Bursh was moved to such an extent that he dropped to his knees, took off his spectacles, and wiped his face, overcome with emotion at Al Shifa Hospital. The devastating news that friends, family, and neighbors were among the injured or killed struck Mr. El-Bursh and his staff. He painted a terrible image of the destruction by describing the gloomy scene—bodies scattered everywhere—in graphic detail.

Who is Adnan El-Bursh?

Reputable BBC Arabic correspondent Adnan El-Bursh is based in Gaza. He joined BBC Arabic in December 2010. He is a proud father of a daughter and lives in Gaza City.

El-Bursh has covered the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Gaza in great detail during his time at the BBC.

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He became well-known in May 2021 after an Israeli strike caused a building in Gaza to collapse while he was reporting live on television.