Tesla CEO Elon Musk, on Thursday, took to Twitter
to confirm that Tesla cars will soon have a new feature allowing users to play music from the speakers on the exterior of the car.

While Musk confirmed two options that
will be available, it is uncertain if only the pre-loaded music will be played
through these speakers or the occupants can also play their own music.

“New Tesla feature coming that enables
your car to play snake jazz or Polynesian elevator music through its outside
speakers wherever you go,” he informed.

Tesla cars already have a number of unique
features and this new feature makes it the first of its
kind in the automobile world.

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The practical logic of allowing music to
be played from external speakers on Tesla cars is not immediately known but it
could be yet another way the company connects with its massive base of
followers across the world.

Musk has also announced that Tesla cars
will soon have feature games that an occupant can play on the infotainment
screen. This feature may also be available in Tesla’s autonomous cars.

Musk’s final aim is reportedly for self-driving
cars to operate independently as cabs so that one can also earn money through
them without the owner actually having to be present inside.