TIME Magazine has announced the well-known K-pop group BLACKPINK as the 2022 Entertainer of the Year. K-pop group BLACKPINK is recently making headlines because of their new songs and studio album Born Pink. BLACKPINK’s triumph is more noteworthy because no other girl group has ever achieved this honor before.   

With 730 million views, Blackpink’s music video Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is presently the most-watched K-pop music video on YouTube.

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Let’s have a look at some of the Blackpink songs that went viral on social media:

1.  Shut Down 

Blackpink, released Shut Down on September 16, 2022, as the second single from their studio album, Born Pink, via YG Entertainment and Interscope Records.  The song was written by Teddy, Danny Chung, and Vince, and it was produced by Teddy and 24. It is categorized as a hip-hop track with strings.

 Shut Down earned commercial success and this is also Blackpink’s second number-one single on the Billboard Global 200. The song reached at number three on the Circle Digital Chart and was on at the top of Billboard’s South Korea Songs chart. It also peaked at the top of the charts in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

2. Pink Venom 

Blackpink, Pink Venom for their second studio album Born Pink. On August 19, 2022, YG Entertainment and Interscope Records released it as a pre-release single. The song was written by Teddy and Danny Chung, is described as a hip-hop, pop-rap, dance, and electronic dance music (EDM) song, and was produced by Teddy, 24, R. Tee, and Ido.

Pink Venom was a commercial success and peaked at number one on the Billboard Global 200 list for two weeks. The song reached at number two on the Circle Digital List and topped Billboard’s South Korea Songs chart for two weeks in South Korea.

Soon after the release of the song, the band also came up with a challenge #Pink Venom Challenge. Blackpink fans popularly known as BLINKS  needed to use their smartphones to make a quick, catchy video utilizing the song and the hashtag #PinkVenomChallenge, copying BLACKPINK’s incredible dance routines from the Pink Venom music video.


Blackpink released the song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du  in both Korean and Japanese on June 15, 2018. It was made available through YG Entertainment and it was released conjointly with Square Up, the group’s debut extended play in the Korean language. On August 22, 2018, the single’s Japanese release was also made available through YGEX. The song, which has been dubbed as a pop rap song with trap beats and bubblegum pop sounds, was written by Teddy Park, a collaborator with YG, and produced and composed by Park, 24, Bekuh Boom, and R.Tee.

4.  How You Like That

Blackpink, the South Korean girl group, has a song called How You Like That, which was recorded in both Korean and Japanese. It was made available on June 26, 2020, by YG Entertainment, YG Plus, and Interscope Records as the lead single from the band’s studio album in the Korean language. It has been co-written by Danny Chung, R. Tee, 24, and Teddy Park and features elements of EDM, hip hop, trap, club music, and pop. Teddy Park also served as the song’s producer.

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 How You Like That was a commercial success and peaked at the top spot on the Gaon Digital Chart for three weeks. Along with topping the national charts in Hungary, Singapore, and Malaysia, the song also peaked at the top of Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100 and World Digital Songs charts. It was also included in the top 26 record rankings worldwide. The song received certifications for gold in Canada and silver in the UK in addition to platinum for streaming in South Korea and Japan.


Lisa, a Thai rapper, singer, and member of Blackpink, released MONEY as the lead single from her debut album Lalisa (2021). After becoming a viral sensation, Interscope Records released it as the second single from the album on November 9, 2021 to US contemporary hit radio. Bekuh Boom and Vince wrote the song’s lyrics. 

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Commercially, MONEY became Lisa’s second single to peak in the top 10 and went on to become the longest-charting song by a K-pop soloist on both charts, peaking at number ten on the Billboard.