Adam Rich, Eight Is Enough star died at the age of 54 on Saturday. He was best known for starring in the ABC dramedy. 

The news was reported by TMZ by the family members of Rich. A cause of death was not immediately revealed. The actor was found dead at his home. Foul play has not been suspected. 

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Adam was famous for playing Nicholas Bradford, the character of the youngest son on Eight Is Enough, a series that ran from 1977-1981. Some of his other works include Code Red in 1981 and Dungeons & Dragons in 1983. He also worked on the 1997 film, The City.

The series aired for a total of five seasons. According to an IMDB synopsis, the series followed the premise of “a family with eight very independent children.”

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His life’s motto was “Life is for living, and I live my life to the fullest every day.” Rich made it into VH1’s list of the greatest 100 kid stars. He ranked #73. In the 80s he retired from the entertainment industry. At the time he said that he hated the spotlight and detested the celebrity life.

The 2003 comedy, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star was one of the actor’s last credits. He played himself in the film. 

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Rich was also reportedly linked to substance abuse, which led to an arrest in 1991. He broke a pharmacy window in order to steal drugs. Dick Van Patten, who played the role of his father, Tom Bradford, in Eight Is Enough bailed him out following the arrest. He had other legal issues as well.

Adam was born in 1968 and lived most of his life in Los Angeles. He began his career as an actor after learning from a drama teacher at Chatsworth High School, the mentor of stars such as Val Kilmer and Kevin Spacey.