Once upon a time, Star Wars was a seemingly straightforward trilogy, or at least that’s what one might believe if the intricate web of its narrative wasn’t considered – the final three chapters of a larger six-episode cinematic tapestry. But then, as if by design, the saga unveiled plans for another epic trilogy on the big screen.

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Yet, the universe didn’t stop there. The small screen emerged as a formidable realm for Star Wars with productions like The Mandalorian and Andor. And then, there’s the extensive expanse of Star Wars Legends, a realm once cast aside but gradually finding its way back into the approved canon, all thanks to the masterful touch of Dave Filoni, renowned for his stewardship of The Clone Wars and Rebels.

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Filoni, the architect behind these beloved animated tales, is at last gracing live-action Star Wars with Ahsoka, a series that marks a pivotal point of his creative journey. With the show’s premiere at hand, here’s an introduction to the cast that will breathe life into this captivating venture.

Who is Erica Duke?

Among the ensemble, one figure stands out – Erica Duke. Hailing from Boulder County, Colorado, Erica’s artistic path commenced as a dancer in her formative years, with Ballet, tap, and jazz serving as her initial mediums of expression. However, the allure of the stage beckoned, leading her to the world of theatre during her school days. The moment she stepped into her first theatrical role, she knew she had found her purpose and calling.

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Erica’s commitment to her craft saw her obtain two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Colorado in Theatre and Communication. Post-graduation, a shift towards television and film transpired, spurred by a relocation to California. Since then, Erica has taken on various roles, embracing the limelight in feature films and television, thereby ascending the ranks as one of Hollywood’s emerging luminaries.

In the ever-evolving galaxy of Star Wars, Erica Duke’s trajectory shines as a testament to the universe’s ability to draw talent from unexpected corners and propel them into the celestial tapestry of cinematic artistry.