Alex O’Connor, better known by his stage name Rex Orange County, shared a statement on Thursday saying that all s charges of sexual allegations against him have been dropped. 

The musician was charged with six counts of sexually assaulting a woman in London. The Sun reported that O’Connor was accused of assaulting the woman six times between June 1 and 2, 2022. The woman claimed that she was assaulted by the musician twice in West End, thrice at his Notting Hill home, and once in a taxi.

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He pleaded not guilty at the Southwark Crown Court and was set to face trial on January 23, 2023. However, now, all charges against him have been dropped, according to a statement shared by him on Thursday, December 22.

“Today, all charges against me have been dropped,” O’Connor said.

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“The Crown Prosecution Service reviewed the evidence and decided that there is no merit in this case going to trial. I have always denied these allegations and am grateful that the independent evidence has cleared me of any wrongdoing. I have never assaulted anyone and I do not condone violence or abusive behavior of any kind,” he added. 

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“I would like to clarify some details around what I was accused of, as I have not been able to address this until now and inaccuracies about the case have circulated,” he continued. “I was wrongly accused of touching someone one evening on their leg, neck, back, and bottom. That led to six charges of sexual assault.”

“The only evidence against me was the individual’s account. However, CCTV footage obtained by the police contradicted their version of events. Their partner was also present throughout the evening in question and gave a statement to the police which did not support the allegations against me.”

The Crown prosecution also confirmed to multiple news outlets that the charges against O’Connor have been dropped.