Renowned music legend Cher was seen in Beverly Hills, sparking speculation about her relationship with former beau Alexander “A.E.” Edwards. The 77-year-old icon was spotted alongside Edwards, 37, in what appeared to be a friendly gathering. Joining them were singer J. Balvin, accompanied by his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer, and rapper Tyga.

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The sight of Cher and Edwards holding hands as they left the restaurant has raised eyebrows, particularly after TMZ’s reports in May suggesting a split between the two. Their romantic connection first made headlines in November of the previous year, and by March 2023, Cher revealed they were collaborating on two albums. She expressed her excitement, mentioning that some of the songs were contributed by Alexander, a multi-talented producer and songwriter.

Despite the conspicuous diamond ring Cher adorned during the holiday season last year, TMZ clarified that the couple was never engaged. Edwards, previously in a relationship with model Amber Rose, shares a young son with her. He openly admitted to infidelity, prompting Rose to assert her desire for a solitary life, steering clear of romantic entanglements and focusing on her children.

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Cher, reflecting on her relationship with Edwards, humorously referred to it as “kind of ridiculous on paper” in an interview last December. She praised his compatibility with her strong personality and underscored her unwillingness to compromise her individuality.

Approaching her 77th birthday in May, coinciding with the rumored separation, Cher scoffed at the notion that age defines her. In a candid tweet, she questioned when she would start feeling “OLD,” emphasizing her inability to grasp the significance of numbers due to her dyslexia.

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As the music legend continues to defy conventional notions of age, her recent reunion with Edwards leaves fans wondering if this signals a rekindling of their connection. Only time will unveil the intricacies of their evolving relationship.