Brenda Song’s recent appearance at her co-star Kat Dennings’ wedding sparks speculation as she dons what seems to be a wedding band alongside her engagement ring.

Rumors are swirling around the relationship of Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin as Song attended Kat Dennings’ wedding, flaunting a new addition to her ring finger—a possible wedding band. The former Disney Channel star, known for her role in Dollface, raised eyebrows during the celebration.

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The couple, together for five years, reportedly got engaged at the beginning of last year. Song was first seen with her diamond engagement ring in January 2022 in Beverly Hills. The duo welcomed their first child, Dakota Song Culkin, on April 5, 2021, and later, their second son in December 2022.

Despite numerous speculations, representatives for the couple have not responded to requests for comment on the latest addition to Song’s ring collection. Their journey began when they met on the set of Changeland in Thailand in 2017 and were romantically linked later that year.

Before the birth of their second child, Song discussed the challenges of wedding planning, citing expenses and time constraints, particularly as parents. In a 2020 interview, she praised Culkin for his kindness, loyalty, sweetness, and intelligence, emphasizing his unapologetic authenticity.

The recent appearance of what appears to be a wedding band has fueled anticipation among fans, prompting questions about an imminent wedding for the couple. While details remain elusive, Song and Culkin continue to navigate parenthood and their relationship with grace, with Culkin expressing gratitude for Brenda and their sons during his Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony.

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As fans eagerly await official confirmation, the duo’s enduring partnership and public appearances keep the intrigue alive, leaving many wondering if wedding bells will soon ring for the couple.