Dale Holloway, accused in the 2019 New Hampshire church shooting, is facing charges of attempted murder and assault.

Who is Dale Holloway?

Dale Holloway, the defendant in a high-profile church shooting case in New Hampshire in 2019, is currently on trial, facing substantial charges including attempted murder and assault on two counts. The trial began with opening remarks and an inspection of the shooting scene by the jury.

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The incident occurred during a wedding ceremony at a Pelham church. Holloway is suspected of opening fire, hurting the bride and a bishop, both of whom survived. During the trial, the prosecutor, Seth Dobieski, argued that Holloway’s actions changed a joyful wedding into a scene of chaos with just a few rounds.

Chief Anne Perriello, now the chief of the Pelham Police Department, was the prosecution’s first witness. She recalled her arrival at the church, where Holloway was restrained by several parishioners. Perriello stated that she was given a gun, and witnesses identified Holloway as the shooter.

Dale Holloway is appearing in court on his own behalf and has chosen to plead not guilty to the criminal charges.  He is attempting an insanity defense, claiming that his actions were in self-defense and therefore legal under state law. Holloway’s defense asserts that the shooting was justified by self-defense and the use of lethal force.

The case’s history is complicated by a series of incidents.  The wedding groom was the son of the man who had murdered Dale Holloway’s stepfather just 12 days before the wedding. For the murder, the son was found guilty and sentenced to prison.

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Holloway, who is now serving a jail sentence for attacking his lawyer, has a difficult court battle in defending himself against the church shooting allegations.  The trial will resume, and the procedures will offer further insight on this horrible tragedy that ruined what should have been a joyous occasion.