During a pro-Palestine demonstration in Brooklyn, Laia Garcia-Furtado, a member of the Vogue team, was observed with an anti-Israeli sticker bearing the message “resist by any means possible” held between her teeth.

Who is Laia Garcia-Furtado?

Laia holds the esteemed position of Senior Fashion News Editor at Vogue Runway, where she plays a vital role in shaping and curating fashion content. Her journey to this role is enriched with diverse experiences in the fashion and publishing world.

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Before her tenure at Vogue Runway, Laia worked as a freelance print editor, contributing her editorial expertise to renowned publications such as Interview Magazine and Dazed. At Dazed, she held the additional title of Editor-at-Large, signifying her significant influence in the editorial landscape.

A pivotal moment in her career was her role as Features Director at Garage, where she likely honed her skills in fashion journalism and content curation.

In addition to her editorial career, Laia is also a published author, with her book titled “Psychic Taste,” which was released by Von Zos in February 2019.

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Laia’s versatility extends to styling, where she has left her creative mark. One notable collaboration in 2017 involved working alongside Hilton Als on a James Baldwin-inspired portfolio for The Paris Review, showcasing her ability to fuse fashion and literature into compelling visual narratives.