After more than a decade of waiting, the sequel to the massively successful ‘Avatar’ (2009) by James Cameron is on its way.

Officially named ‘Avatar: The Way of Water‘, the first footage of the movie was showcased at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas in late April this year.

Now, the official teaser trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to 2009’s blockbuster has been released, providing a glimpse to what to expect from a Pandora transformed after the events of the first movie.

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The sequel takes audiences back to the world of Pandora, an exo-planet orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus from the Alpha Centauri system, which was also the setting of the first movie.

The trailer provides glimpses into the rebuilding of Pandora after the war shown in the first movie. Featured in it are Jake Sullivan (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), the protagonists of the first movie, accompanied by smaller, cuter Na’avi kids, presumably their children.

Indeed, the trailer suggests that the sequel will be considerably more family centric than ‘Avatar’ (2009), with a likely focus on Sullivan and Neytiri’s family.

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This is partly confirmed by Sullivan himself in the trailer, where he is heard saying, “Wherever we go, this family is our fortress.”

In addition to snippets of story elements, the trailer also promises audiences a trip through the stunning vistas of Pandora, especially underwater areas that were not there in the previous movie.

The trailer shows several clips on Pandora’s aquatic life, and given the name of the movie, much of the story and the action is expected to revolve around Pandora’s oceans.

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Known for pushing the boundaries of cinematic technology, Cameron has stuck to his guns for this one too.

“With the first Avatar, we set out to push the limits of the big screen. With the new Avatar films, we’re pushing those limits even farther, with 3D, with high dynamic range, with high frame rate, higher resolution, and a much greater reality in our visual effects,” the 67-year-old the press after the release of the trailer.

Given Cameron’s track record, ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is expected to be a technical and visual marvel and is scheduled for theatrical release on December 16, 2022.