Rapper Blueface was engaged in training at a gym located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles when the assailant entered the premises on a Wednesday morning.

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Security footage, shared on Blueface’s Instagram, depicts the gym’s trainer, David Kaminsky, attempting to intervene and separate the man from Blueface during the altercation.

Evidently, a heated argument took place, leading Blueface to escalate the situation by resorting to physical confrontation and delivering multiple punches to the individual involved. However, in a concerning turn of events, it appears that the person retrieved an object from his pocket and charged back toward Blueface. Unfortunately, the video ends abruptly before capturing the stabbing incident.

According to Kaminsky, the situation escalated rapidly due to the unidentified attacker’s aggressive demeanor. As soon as the assailant entered the gym, he began shouting threats at Blueface, exclaiming, “I’m gonna kill you,” which further fueled the intensity of the altercation.

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He also added that the assailant proceeded to stab Blueface in the leg during the altercation and then quickly fled the scene. Witnesses at the gym reported that the individual made his escape in a black Tesla Model S and was accompanied by a Rottweiler.

As reported by TMZ, the rapper’s injury does not look life-threatening. However, due to his injuries, Blueface has regretfully announced that he won’t be able to participate in a boxing match that had been scheduled for October 14.

The video of the incident surfaced on the internet. Several X users reacted to the video. One user tweeted, “yeah did you hear about blueface? he was stabbed by a random guy and now he won’t be able to fight in october 🥊 🤯”

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“Blueface (@bluefacebleedem) will no longer be facing Salt Papi (@therealsaltpapi) following an altercation that ended in him getting stabbed! We wish Blueface a speedy recovery🙏” another X user wrote.