The Bob Dylan Center, which recently had its ribbon-cutting ceremony in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday, is a glimpse into Dylan’s 60-year career and his impact on the world of pop culture. The Center has a little bit of everything for every person who strolls through it, with exhibition areas that are designed to please all “skimmers, swimmers and divers.” 

Here are 5 interesting things the museum has for its visitors who take Route 66 to Dylan’s life.

1.  A leather jacket

The Center might have a very limited number of clothing items put up on display, but this one is enough to make spectators gape at it for hours. 

Dylan‘s leather jacket, which he sported on July 25, 1965, at the Newport Folk Festival, takes visitors of the museum back to the time when the pop icon turned on the juice at the rock event. 

2. Greetings from The Beatles

While performing at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1969, Dylan bumped into three members of The Beatles. A few months down the line, he received Christmas cards from three members of the band, excluding Ringo Starr. The cards on display feature handwritten notes that read- “Happy Harmonuka”, “may you get lots of wine and cakes and stuff!” and “love from the fab 1.”

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3. Letters from fans

After his motorbike accident, Dylan received several fan letters and get well soon notes. From a sick cartoon figure in bed to a “musical gift to cheer you”, the display reminds us of the kindness and compassion fans have for their idols. 

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4. A phone number

The museum also has comedian Lenny Bruce’s contact number from the 60s. Not of much use now, OL-74384 was penned down in a notebook that consists of Dylan’s lyrical thoughts and ideas. 

5. Artwork 

The Center also features Dylan‘s art experiments, such as an oil painting that dates back to the late 60s when Dylan began taking inspiration from Marc Chagall’s art.