Fans are in amazement as BTS member Suga captivates on the cover of Vogue Japan. Suga’s performance. The feature demonstrates his ability to seamlessly transcend from stage to high-fashion editorial thanks to his fashionable and captivating personality.

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Suga is well-known around the world as a member of BTS, which has a sizable global fan base. His appearance on the cover of Vogue Japan is evidence of his prominence in the entertainment sector. The piece contributes to Suga’s growing popularity and stardom on a global scale.

Suga makes history by becoming the first male cover star to do so for VOGUE JAPAN alone in the magazine’s 24-year existence. This pivotal moment illustrates his enormous influence and signals a huge change in how male artists are viewed in the fashion world. Suga’s appearance on the cover is a new accomplishment in his career and highlights his widespread influence.

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As Vogue unveiled Suga on the cover, several BTS fans were amazed and shared the post.

One user tweeted, “It is the first time in the 24-year history of VOGUE JAPAN that a man graces the cover alone FIRST MALE COVER STAR SUGA”

Following the announcement, the singer’s admirers showered him with praise on social media platforms, making them teem with activity. To show their love and support, they used a number of hashtags on Twitter, including Suga for Vogue Japan, First Male Cover Star Suga, SugaXVogueJapan, and others. 

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Suga in the video shared by Vogue Japan said, “Hi Vogue Japan! This is SUGA of BTS. I’m making my appearance on the August issue for Vogue Japan and it’ll be released on June 30th. It was a special photo shoot that focuses on “inner space” with various different sides of me. I would be happy if you enjoy this new look that is extremely different from what I’ve shown you all before so far. So please give it lots of support and attention.”