Chad Michael Busto, Drew Barrymore’s alleged stalker was arrested on Wednesday after he tried to break into her Southampton, just days after trying to rush on stage at a New York City event where she was interviewing singer and actress Reneé Rapp.

Busto reportedly went house-to-house in search of Barrymore’s $6 million property. When he finally located it, he attempted to break into Drew’s Hamptons farmhouse. But after he had taken a few steps outside the property, the police showed up and took him into custody. According to TMZ, Barrymore was not at the house at the time. There is an “ongoing investigation” into Busto at the moment.

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The incident comes just a couple of days after Busto freaked the actress out by trying to rush onto the stage at a 92NY panel in the New York City on Monday where Barrymore was talking with Rapp about her upcoming album, ‘Snow Angel.’

Busto, who was in the audience at the time, said something to get Barrymore’s attention. At first Barrymore seemed to welcome him, calling out, “Oh my God, yes, hi!” As soon as she realized who he was, her positive reaction quickly changed to a negative one.

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Busto started walking up to the front of the stage, saying, “You know who I am, I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York” As security intervened to stop him from gaining access to the stage, Renee stepped into immediate action and assisted Barrymore off the stage.

It’s unclear if Barrymore has ever interacted with him before this. Busto hinted at the fact that she was aware of him. Guards guards escorted the man out of the auditorium.

One Twitter user alleged that Busto has several twitter accounts including handles such as @RScroomer, @zanksanders5 and @RadSad05964657. “I know him as an Amber Heard stalker, but apparently he’s moved onto Drew Barrymore? idk,” Twitter user @Blabette_ said.